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Posted on May 28 2020 - 4:08pm

Are you ready for some fun!     We are switching things up a little and the focus of this Encampent will be family & fun and encouragement.  We will also make time available for cooking requirments but planning and coordination is required.

Special thanks to Holly and Victoria for putting these details together. 

Important notes:

1) If you want this virtual encampment to count for overnight tent camping you MUST register on the Troop website by Thursday, May, 28th.  You can earn up to two nights of tent camping.  Please let us know how many nights you are tenting, and the anme of your tenting buddy.  This will be for our records. 

2)  If you want to complete 1st Class Requirements for “Cooking” 2a-2e, you MUST submit completed Grubmaster Form to Scoutmaster for approval by Wednesday, May 27th by 11:59pm.   Scoutmaster must approve the menu in advance.

3) I need each Patrol's Skit's submitted to me by Friday night.   We will do the skits on Saturday night. 

Link to the schedule online: 

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xqo7h17vrbHMOtn6oUaLBaR3glYPD0s858C2zGGwEvA/edit?usp=sharing   - We will add zoom links to this file.

Link to the sample for the "Sharing Positivity"  - photos with ideas: 










Zoom call-pizza night: We will make/order pizza and eat it together on the zoom call like a slumber party. (Take a  photo of your pizza)




Zoom call- check-in: Before breakfast we will have a zoom call to make sure everyone is awake and prepared. 




Make breakfast (Take a photo)




Free time/ scavenger hunt: we will have a scavenger hunt to see who can find and identify the most birds in their neighborhood/on a hike. Here are the instructions: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1l7EQj9H3h0mzRpHOuCknZZZwYSUkTwVAGevXPDhTj0Y/edit?usp=sharing 




Make & eat lunch (Take a photos)




Zoom call- Check-in: Talk about how the scavenger hunt went and who identified the most birds. 




Sharing positivity project- create a positive message out of chalk, paint a sign (which can be picked up at Mrs. Williams house), paint rocks, make smile coupons, draw a sign and put it on a window, or any other creative project. (Take a photo of your completed project)




Make dinner and dessert. Dessert will be entered into a contest and all submissions must be emailed to hollypopm@gmail.com




Zoom call- games: we will play scribble io and possibly other games where the patrols will compete against each one other. At the end, the dessert contest winner will be announced.  SKITS will be shared




Lights out & get some rest




Zoom call- check-in: say goodbye and chat after breakfast.  Roses, Buds, & Thorns 

Virtual campout

Posted on May 23 2020 - 12:56pm
Hello all, 
Our virtual campout is on for May 29-31. The PLC is planning many fun activities for everyone to participate in. 
If you would like to do First Class requirement 2a.-2e, you must do the following: 
-have majority of your requirements completed
-contact Mrs. Williams as soon as possible 
-complete a grub master form as wells as budget by Wednesday at 11:59 pm 
More information about this camping trip will be coming soon. Thank you. 
Yours in scouting, 
Ann Sellers 



Cancelations and upcoming events

Posted on May 21 2020 - 5:46pm

We had a Committee Meeting last night and also got word about summer camp today so had to cancel the below events.

  • June 1st swim check -- Canceled
  • June 5th Saunders Beach house -- Postponed (date TBD)
  • July 26th Summer Camp -- Canceled (everyone will receive a full refund of all fees paid)

We also had a discussion that we are looking at making the Monday Patrol Virtual Meetings more activities (trivia, games, etc.) focused and then come up with alternate nights that we offer a Merit Badge class or two if Scouts are interested.  The girls have a lot of on-line homework from school and sometimes adding merit badge homework on top becomes a bit much.  This will allow scouts to join in on a merit badge if they want and if not they can just have fun on the Monday Patrol meeting.  More to come but wanted to let you know that things will be changing slightly in June after the PLC meeting. 

Here is the link to a virtual summer camp that Scouts could attend this year if they are interested.  Scouts can earn up to 6 Merit Badges, newer Scouts can earn rank, Virtual Opening Campfire, Spirit Day Competitions, Closing Campfire and OA Call-out Ceremony.  It may be a good option if Scouts are interested.  Thanks.

Troop Meeting Tonight

Posted on May 18 2020 - 6:06pm

Just a reminder that there is a troop meeting tonight at 7:30.  We will kick off the meeting and ask for anyone who wants to present their Cyber Safety tip to complete the requirement.  We can then split into patrols.  Below is the link to the zoom meeting.


Topic: Troop 239 Patrol Meeting
Time: May 18, 2020 07:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 875 4367 2483
Password: 710360

Family Life Merit Badge Update - Note to all Parents

Posted on May 13 2020 - 11:31am

Dear Troop 239 Parents,

  As you are no doubt aware the members of our troop are working on the Family Life Merit Badge.  I recommended that we offer this particular merit badge at this time because it offers the scouts a chance to work on an Eagle required merit badge and gives you the opportunity to use scouting in a way that I feel it was intended – as a teaching tool for our kids.  The fact that there is a 90 day tracking requirement also lends itself to this time but also sets up a platform for you to interact with your girls.

  After a conversation earlier this week, I wanted to re-iterate to parents who can please help pass the message along to their scouts.  Whatever is stated in a merit badge is what the merit badge counselor requires of a scout to complete the merit badge.  For example, in the case of family life, the requirement # 6. Do the following: (a) Discuss with your merit badge counselor how to plan and carry out a family meeting. (b) After this discussion, plan and carry out a family meeting to include the following subjects … In this case timing is important as it is specifically stated.

Two other quick items to pass along-

1)      Additional merit badges – particularly when we are trying to find items to keep from going stir crazy, if your scout is doing other things like hiking, biking, art, basketry, dog care, chess, etc. take a quick look with your scout on the BSA web site to see what they are already doing or might want to do.  (I would be remiss if I didn’t mention for Tod, if you see something that you enjoy, please let Tod know so he can help get you set up to share that with other scouts.)

2)      I ran across the following article which I found a little insightful:


Family Life Merit Badge Councelor,

Mr. Saunders

Communications MB & Virtual Quilt Project for Troop 239

Posted on May 12 2020 - 2:13pm

 Hi Everyone, 

At the Troop 239 Meetings this week there is on-going Cyber Chip work that needs to continue for both the Cow and Fox Patrol.  So we will be changing the format for next few meeting to accomplish the following:

1) We will kick off the meeting and ask for anyone who wants to present their Cyber Safety tip to complete the requirement.   Cow and Fox Patrol, the requirements are:

 Cyber Chip Requirements are based on your age.   Go to the following links and follow the instructions provided. 




2) We will start the "Communications" MB together.   I am attaching the Communications MB book and the workbook that each scout should review before our meeting next week. To strengthen our leadership in the troop this is an important skill to have especially as we work in this virtual environment.    This is an Eagle Required badge that we can support during a virtual meetings.    BE PREPARED TO DISCUSS WHICH ACTIVITY YOU ARE GOING TO DO FOR THE FIRST REQUIREMENT

So both the Cow and Fox Patrol will meet as one group through Zoom.   


This email I am sending out is about the troop 239 quilt that we will be making. This quilt that we will be making is for all the people who are standing in the front-lines to protect us from this outbreak, and help stop the spread of covide-19. I have made a google doc which you will be able to fill out, I put in instructions so you will know exactly what to do. I hope that you all participate in this activity that we are doing. down below will be the google doc that has everything you need in it. remember to stay safe and have fun with your family during this time.   Please sign up right away and provide your photos by Friday, May 22nd.



Grace Williams


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